Tips and Ideas to help you on your Challenge
April 12, 2022

If you're one of the many who have joined our Challenge – Welcome, and we hope it's going well for you! We know what you're doing isn't easy, but stay strong and try to stay focussed on your goals. Below are some tips and ideas we've put together to help you get the very best results from your challenge:

Snacks – when you're on a diet, many people feel they will get better results if they starve themselves. However if you don't eat regularly, you are more likely to overeat later in the day. So make sure you have you mid morning and mid afternoon allowable snacks every day and your night Protein after dinner.

Water – We recommend you drink more than 2 litres of water each day while you are on the challenge. Why? Because when your body burns fat during weight loss, it produces a number of waste products which are flushed out of your system in your urine, so you will find you may need to visit the toilet more than usual. This process can dehydrate you to some degree. Drinking plenty of water keeps you well hydrated, feeling good, and also helps keep the fat burning process in full swing.

After photos - Before you take your after photos to submit , make sure you present yourself in the best way possible. Hairstyle, make up, even a spray on tan. Make sure you use good lighting but not too harsh. We will be judging your entry on the transformation you make so these pictures are important. Don't take your picture in front of your unmade bed or with your clothes on the floor behind you!

Your Story – If you go to all the effort of completing the Challenge, make sure your story doesn't let you down. Tell us how you felt at the start and how you feel after you complete your challenge and if it has affected your like in any way. Get others to read your story and suggested any changes to try and make it as compelling as possible. Also make use of your Journal throughout the Challenge. You can save this after the Challenge and it will be a reminder for years to come of your journey.

Check out our other websites – & they are a great resource for information about training and nutrition. We are adding more information to our website's all the time so its worth coming back to regularly and having a good look around.

The Challenge Team

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