The Secret to getting those abs to pop!
April 12, 2022

All of us are here to better our bodies and one aspect that many focus on in doing so is sporting that elusive 6 pack!

We all have abs, and with enough training doing proper good old fashion compound lifts like squats, deadlifts, chins, rows, presses and so on we are all indirectly working and utilizing our core and abs to stabilize and help us perform these movements correctly!

You will get far more bang for your buck doing these big true, tried and tested lifts, then you ever will doing a bazillion crunches!

Get under a big heavy bar and squat ass to grass for a handful of good reps for just a few sets. Not only will you need to engage every bit of your core and abs, but you will also be burning calories galore as you use almost every muscle in your body to ensure that bar doesn't crush you. You'll also be releasing so many fat burning hormones like testosterone and growth hormone that you'll become a fat burning machine.

On the flip side do 1000 crunches, and yeah you'll get a little puffed and have sore abs, but that's about where it'll end. Whereas those few sets of a few reps of squats you did, will still be burning calories for you hours after you completed them, and believe me you'll be more than just puffing like you did for those 1000 crunches, you'll be seeing stars and probably wanting to puke, anyone that's squatted properly will know exactly what I mean.

Now don't get me wrong, ab exercises and core exercises are fantastic, but they should be treated like any other muscle group. Hit them a couple of times a week and they will get stronger and grow to a degree. But there's definitely no need to do hundreds a day in hope that, that'll be the trick to getting abs.

Ultimately we all have abs, it's simply a matter of burning off enough body fat to expose them. So stick to big compound exercises, with a little ab work to compliment your program, eat clean and healthy and with time you will expose them, I promise you!

By John Delinac

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