June 6, 2022

                                                                                                             THE “M CHALLENGE” IS HERE


The "M Challenge" has all of things you loved in the Max & Maxine's Challenge with even MORE features!


You can now have your program and Challenge information with you at all times.

New workouts to choose from and New meals to create that the whole family will love.

A built in step counter that syncs with your device or just counts those steps on the app

A Step "Leader board" to motivate you to get it done!

A "Goal setter" where you can keep track of your "Why"

A "Workout timer" to keep you moving!

Enter your weights, reps and rest in real time.

Change your program at any time

Find your favourites at a tap

Swap out the foods you don't like in seconds

Nutrition tailored to your goals, activity level and taste

You don't lose your progress at the end of each Challenge

Same amazing prizes to be won!

Special LAUNCH Price of $99.00!!

(Normally $169.90)

Winter Challenge dates:


  • Prep Week: 4th - 10th July
  • Challenge Starts: 11th July
  • Check in 1 opens: 5th August
  • Check in 2 opens: 2nd September
  • Challenge Finishes: 2nd October
  • Public Voting: 3rd – 9th October
  • Top 50 announced 12th October
  • Winners announced 14th October

Once you register you can download the app straight away!

Until the Challenge starts you will have access to the forum where you can ask the Coaches any questions you have, articles to learn more about training and nutrition, and the step counter to start measuring your daily activity.

Prep week is when Challengers will have access to their Challenge Program to prepare for the next 12 weeks.

  • Checkout  your Shopping list and meal plan
  • Familiarize yourself with the exercises on your Program
  • Ask the Coaches and Ambassadors on the Forum any questions you may have once you  have viewed the programs.


  • Challengers are required to take 3 photos, 1 FRONT FACING, 1 SIDE and 1 BACK holding or displaying in the photo a copy of an image we will provide via email or on our social page or holding or displaying a Newspaper dated after the 1st of July2022, you must upload the photo to your Profile. This only takes a few minutes. This is your start photo.
  • Challengers  will be prompted to upload progress photos at week 4 & week 8, you do not need the image or Newspaper with the check in photos.
  • Challengers will upload their Final Photos, again with an image or newspaper during the last week of the Challenge.
  • Photos can be loaded quickly straight from your phone

Public V Private:
Challengers can now choose to be a Public or private Challenger at the end of the Challenge, we encourage Public as it will make you more accountable and you will be eligible for prizes.

All Challengers are encouraged to write in their journal to track their progress and record their thoughts.

We have our Coaches Steve and Nic who are available throughout the day, everyday on the Forum. They can answer Challengers' questions about the Training and Nutrition Plans, as well as offering advice and support along the way.
The Forum is open 24/7 for the whole Challenge.

Articles and emails:
There is a huge bank of Coaches articles relevant to the Challenge, hints on Training & Nutrition, Motivation and helping Challengers with their Goals. You will receive a weekly email letting you know what’s happening in the Challenge.

We have a FaceBook page "M Challenge official social hub" which is another place Challengers can find Motivation and a sense of Community.

Our fabulous "Coaches Podcast" and weekly live Q&A mean you are always informed


Grand Champions – Both Male and Female Grand Champions will win a cash prize of $4000.00.

1st Runner up Prize- The 2nd place Male & Female will each receive a $1000.00 Cash Prize.

2nd Runner up Prize - The 3rd place winners will receive a $500 Cash Prize.

Top 10 Finalist Prizes - All top 10 finalists (including 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners)will receive a MAX'S or Maxine's supplement prize pack.

*Prize packs can only be sent to an Australian address.

Top 50 - the Top 50Challenge Finalists as awarded by the judging panel will receive a commemorative Challenge 'Top 50 Finisher' commemorative T-shirt.

*T-Shirts can only be sent to an Australian address.

There will be heaps of other prizes including CHECKIN WINNERS, COMMUNITY SPIRIT AWARDS, PEOPLES CHOICE and GIVE AWAYS along the journey


 Download your app NOW from:



Just search MCHALLENGE

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