'Carbs' After 6 pm - A Fat Loss Nightmare Or Are We Dreaming
June 1, 2022

Probably the first thing you learned when you started your fitness journey, "carbs at night are bad for you" and "carbs will make you fat", I'm here to tell you that it's a myth.

First of all, eating more calories than you expend makes you fat, not carbs. The myth was originated when we first learned that eating carbs (like rice and pasta), cause an insulin spike, which causes your body to store glucose (carbs in its simplest form) as fat in your body. It was theorized that if you eat carbs at night, where you're less likely to do exercise, and when you're metabolism is slowing down because you're getting ready for bed, that your body will store the carbs as fat.

Carb timing is a thing. You will perform better at the gym if you consume easy to digest carbs like a banana before you train. If you eat carbs after your workout, you can stimulate more Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS), which is when your body builds muscle. Having carbs at night will not make you fat.

If anything, carbs at night can help you feel full and help you to not binge. Eating carbs in the evening will also help you to replenish your glycogen stores which will help with recovery. Remember that glycogen is sugar stored in the muscle belly (and the Liver). Throughout the day and when you exercise, you deplete your glycogen stores because it is the first and easiest fuel source for your body to use. If you eat carbs in the evening, the sugar will be stored in your muscle, which will promote more muscle growth as your sleep.

Before you start gorging on all the carbs at night, here is a word of caution. It is important to steer clear from simple carbs, like sugary sweets, because they will make you fat. Simple carbs and sugar in its purest form cause a cascade of inflammatory effects on your body, which will lead to lipogenesis (the creation of fat). If you are going to carb up, stick to complex carbs, like vegetables and brown rice.

Remember, carbs are not the enemy, sugar is.

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