8 Habits to help with weight loss
October 21, 2021

1. Make Protein at Breakfast time a MUST!

Make sure you have some type of Protein at Breakfast, whether it is a food source like eggs or you are adding a scoop of Protein to your oats or Yoghurt. This should keep you feeling full and increase your energy levels.

2. Eat your meals at the same time each day.

By eating at similar times each day you can make sure your meals are spaced out well so that your body will be ready to eat rather than being fed when food is not required. You can avoid random snacking if you have a time in mind that reinforces when your next meal is coming. You will stay fuelled and satisfied all day.

3. Change your Plate.

Serve up your Salads or Vegetables first to cover your whole plate, then add your Protein and Carbs last. If you start with your Protein and Carbs you may find you only add a few Vegetables on the side, by covering the plate with Vegetables then adding a smaller portion of Protein and Carbs you will make the plate look full without the extra calories.

4. Walk as much as possible.

By parking further away from your destination, taking the stairs at work, walking to the shops or School pick ups you can add many extra steps into your day. Walk as if you are in a hurry, not as if you are out for a Sunday stroll.

5. Drink water before each meal.

Drink 300mls of water 5 minutes before you eat. While you are preparing your meal is a great time to do this. You will feel fuller more quickly and stay hydrated!

6. Pack your lunch the night before.

If you feel rushed in the morning and neglect to pack some or all of your lunch, you will be more likely to eat something not on your Nutrition Plan. It is easy to pop it into a container the night before, a good idea is to prepare extra food with Dinner and dish it straight into a container and into the fridge out of sight.

7. Concentrate on each meal.

If you are busy running around while eating your body will not register the food intake. Sit down, make it last by slowly chewing and taking your time to enjoy each bite.

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