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M challenge podcast
The challenge
If you are thinking of signing up for the M Challenge, or simply want to find out more about this amazing body transformation program - The Challenge Podcast will give you the inside scoop.

Each week your Challenge Podcast hosts Steven Eskaf and Nicoletta Ceppellini interview successful Challengers, bring you great tips and hints and talk to some really interesting people involved with The M Challenge.

Steven Eskaf & Nicoletta Ceppellini are your Challenge Coaches and are a wealth of knowledge with everything related to fitness and health. If you want to find out how to make your Challenge a success, or to simply hear the inspiring stories of normal people who have been able to transform their bodies and their lives – tune into The Challenge Podcast.
The you project podcast
It’s about You! More specifically it’s about being the best version of You. Each week The You Project Podcast host Craig Harper will explore the stories, ideas, strategies and lessons from high performers in sport, business, science, media, and health.

Craig’s conversational approach always unlocks some great insights from his guests. Learn why these people are successful, what motivates them, what habits they use to rise above the norm. Apply these learnings to You. Making small changes over time can lead to big improvements in your mind, body, and spirit. We know you are going to enjoy The You Project, proudly brought to you by MAX’S and Maxine’s Sports Nutrition.