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question 1:
What was your reason to start the challenge?
Excited to be kicking off my first challenge!! At least 10kg must GO! Serial yo-yo dieter (I have tried almost everything) & ex F45’er... Looking forward to stepping away from the ‘mindless’ training + eating & stepping into a structured plan with strength training & nutrition that obviously gets the results!! My job requires me to be on stage, on camera & in the spotlight... too many champagne nights & not taking my health seriously have led me to a situation where I am utterly disappointed & ashamed of myself... ashamed to step onto the stage. Embarrassed of what my physical appearance has become. Unable to find clothes that fit me or look flattering... enough is enough! I have worked too hard to make my dream career come true to just throw it all away by sabotaging myself in this way. Bring it on!
question 2:
What did you like most about the challenge?
What did you like most about The Challenge? The simplicity of it!! I couldn't believe it!! No tricks, crazy fads or cutting out food groups - just delicious meals, including pizza! I literally was not hungry once - in fact quite the opposite!! The training programs were laid out so clearly & are suitable for anyone, no matter what your fitness level and even without a gym! I also loved the support system around the challenge! I had the best mentors with Laura & Sue, who literally went out of their way time after time to provide extra support and advice, as well as making it a lot of fun. Everyone in the Facebook group is so incredibly supportive! I feel like I've got a new 'fit-fam-for-life'! And the weekly podcast and emails kept me focused & learning more about my nutrition and training too.
question 3:
What was the hardest thing about your challenge?
Cutting out the weekend drinks. We had a holiday in QLD the first weekend of the challenge with friends that we hadn't seen for a long time, but I stuck to my guns and didn't give in, and remarkably, once I'd made the choice to put my health first, it really wasn't as difficult as I'd built it up to be in my mind to be. Now I know that I can enjoy social occasions without needing alcohol to make it fun! And feel great the next day! ha!
question 4:
What impact has the challenge had on your life?
When I signed up for the Challenge, I was absolutely miserable and ashamed of my lack of self-discipline. I had gradually been putting on weight for 7 years, and felt like I had tried everything to lose it, but nothing worked or worked with my lifestyle. I'm a performing & recording artist. I travel a lot, am on stage, in photos & videos all the time. I was getting to the point that I dreaded the thing I loved the most, because someone would inevitably post a photo or video of me from the 'wrong angle' or with the 'wrong lighting' that I couldn't control & I just couldn't bare it any longer. The Challenge has taught me (when I thought I knew it all!) that I don't need fancy gyms or whacky fad diets to lose weight & get fit! I just needed to make some lifestyle changes to put my health first! Particularly cutting back the drinking, eating a balanced diet (did I mention PIZZA!!) and to back myself with consistency in getting those steps in EVERY day. It has literally become my new normal to wake up & hit the pavement with a good audiobook, or on Monday's, listen to the Challenge Podcast! It clears my mind and sets my intention for the day! I've also taken up doing HIIT & Yoga sessions in the park followed by Meditation in the morning sun. Bliss! Its also had a really positive impact on my husband too, who has also cut back drinking and is training for a half marathon! The Challenge has literally changed my life! I am so proud of what I have achieved (down 7.5kg & 10% body fat!) and even MORE proud of my new found self-discipline. I LOVE my new lifestyle!! No going back!!
question 5:
What would you say to people who are thinking of doing the challenge?
DO IT!!! Do it 100%!!! Just follow the plan & I promise you won't feel deprived. You will be supported & encouraged by incredible mentors & the other challengers in the group will become your biggest cheer squad! Trust me! you will surprise yourself, just as I did, at what you can achieve in just a few short weeks!
question 6:
Anything else you would like to tell us about the challenge?
I was supposed to be on Tour to launch my new album right now - which was a major motivation for joining the challenge: 'to look hot on tour (ha!) & have the energy & stamina to perform night after night'. I had worked so hard on this new album, but on the other hand, felt like I was sabotaging my own joy by not looking after my health. Unfortunately the tour has been postponed to October due to the latest COVID outbreak, but it just gives me more time to continue on this journey, join the next challenge & be even fitter by the time my tour comes around!!
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