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question 1:
What was your reason to start the challenge?
So my clothes fit when covid is over.
question 2:
What did you like most about the challenge?
The community aspect. The forums and social platforms are a good motivational tool and sources of information.
question 3:
What was the hardest thing about your challenge?
Getting started and kicking the old habits, but after a while the healthy habits just became part of the daily routine.
question 4:
What impact has the challenge had on your life?
I'm much fitter and healthier to enjoy life more and I'm generally more productive ... but more importantly, I did a lot of my training at home with my 3 kids around too so it was great to see them doing some running and jumping etc. while I trained and also calling out what is healthy versus "junk food" at meal times.
question 5:
What would you say to people who are thinking of doing the challenge?
Give it a shot. The coaches and community have helped me achieve better results than I've been able to training by myself and the good habits have also rubbed off on the rest of the family.
question 6:
Anything else you would like to tell us about the challenge?
This was my 3/4th Challenge over the last few years - I found the flexibility and variety in training and nutrition programs great, especially while training from home during covid without access to all the gym equipment I'd usually use. I tried new exercises I usually would have substituted for more conventional exercises and the results are my best of all my challenges. I've learned new things about training and nutrition with each Challenge and still plan on doing future Challenges again.
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