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Coaches & Support
About Our support platform
The Challenge Support Crew is made up of a team of qualified training and nutrition Coaches, as well as Ambassadors who have walked the walk and successfully completed the Challenge. Through the online Forum, Challengers are able to ask questions on anything throughout the Challenge, and receive guidance and advice from the coaches, ambassadors and even fellow challengers’ experiences.

It is also a platform to post motivation, tips, mini-challenges and comments on anything throughout the Challenge, where challengers can take inspiration and encouragement from each other. The Forum is public to all participating Challengers so that everyone can benefit from the information provided, and is a great way to connect with other Challengers who may be experiencing similar struggles or issues.
Creating motivation & mindset
A large and important part of a successful physical transformation is mindset. We have the Weekly Challenge Podcast with the Coaches and a lot of interviews with past Challengers.

With the help of Mind Coach Craig Harper, there are also a number of articles, podcasts and videos on a variety of topics to help keep Challengers motivated and on track.

These vary from issues that Challengers may be struggling with at certain times, to tips and tricks on how to get the most out of training and nutrition. This inspiring, motivational, informative and educational information is designed to help get Challengers’ heads and hearts where they need to be to make the physical transformation a healthy, productive and permanent process.
We have an exceptional, and very experienced team of Challenge Coaches to support and guide you through your 12–week journey.

Our coaches are all qualified fitness professionals who have developed weekly nutrition and exercise plans to generate maximum body transformation results for all training levels.
Steven eskaf
Head coach
Nicoletta ceppellini
Head Coach
Craig harper
Mindset Coach
Our challenge ambassadors
We have a fantastic team of Challenge Ambassadors to answer questions, give support, and share their experiences during your Challenge! The Ambassadors are real people with real stories. People just like you, who just made the decision to get involved, and achieve incredible results in 12 short weeks.

Most of which have completed the Challenge themselves, they’ll be using that first hand experience to help you every step of the way, and be able to pass on the benefits of their experiences – both good and bad, to help you on your journey.
Aisle dicarlo
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Astrid delbridge
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Benjamin james
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Angela adams
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Learn, develop & build knowledge
Whether your goal is to build size or get lean, we provide you with a completely structured training plan, plus all the support and guidance you’ll need to meet your goals.

Whether you like to train at home, at a gym or with a personal trainer; whether you live in the city or in regional Australia; train alone or with other people, there’s no excuses! It’s all there for you!